April 18, 2009

and now, for a little bit of house cleaning.

As the hubs and I have decided to get our home in order, 
we've discovered there's a lot to do!

(1) clean  (2) scavenger for packing boxes *a few trips to Smiths should do the trick–love their fruit boxes*  (3) sell our beautiful, brown sectional and King mattress *yes, that is a shout-out if you need one...*  (4) take some crates to DI  (5) paint toenails  (6) do a little cupcake decorating with Landry *I'm going to miss her so much!*

That doesn't seem too overwhelming now, does it??


  1. Dont take all my boxes! I need some too.

  2. hey! I found you! Fun! We have a blog, too!

    I'm so excited for you guys and your new adventure! Woohoo!

  3. kind of want to copy this post. we have a TON to do as well!

  4. baggghhhh don't do it! don't go!


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