May 1, 2009

first night on the town.

After a long night of unpacking and traveling up
and around the island with a bunch of crazies
sitting in the back of our Uhaul,
us, the Hardings, and the Egans
had a late-night dinner at Kitchenette
a cute, little diner in Harlem!

We'll definitely be back, 
and this time we're leaving with one of their tables!


  1. Thanks for letting me know about your blog--it's great and you two are the cutest couple!!! We loved being with you in Provo--thanks for spending so much time with us. SLY

  2. i still say we should back the moving truck up to the front, throw one of those tables through the window and take a few of them! i want one! :)

  3. how exciting! looks like your late nights on the town have already started. i love that about new york! i'm glad you made it there okay with the long drive and all...


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