May 26, 2009

carny magic.

What a fun Memorial Day we spent on Coney Island
with our friends Taylor and Craig.

We had fun over-indulging on Nathan's hot dogs,
ice cream, carny rides, and the beach.

Even though I'm still feeling the repercussions 
of the head-wrenching roller coaster, 
some medicated Pink Berry is doing the trick!

*Did I mention over-indulgence?


  1. you guys are doing so many fun things! love it!

  2. Oh man. that looked like a lot of fun. Were you one of the million on that beach then?

  3. stop kissing thats sick-o. jk i love all these pics... seems like it was super fun. its only a matter of time until we will reunite!!! i'm leaving provo friday! ah!


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