May 14, 2009

happy anniversary sweetheart.

Todd and I just had our 2 year anniversary and 
I can't believe how the time has flown!
Just a few years ago we were young, crazy college kids 
falling in love in geology.
 How romantic!
*Now we're just young and crazy!*

Todd was so thoughtful and planned a harbor lights cruise
so I could get a different perspective of this new & crazy city of ours. 
It was so lovely. 

I am so in love with Todd and can't wait for all the adventures
that still lie ahead. How exciting!

I love you sweetie!!


  1. aaaaaaawwww! so sweet i just shed a tear.

  2. nothing says romantic like the ol' Statch-O-Lib.

  3. what a great idea, so romantic! congrats on the big two year mark!

  4. You guys are a beautiful couple! Happy 2 years and I'm so glad you're in our family!

  5. Love you too darling!

  6. I love your blog--it's almost like being there with you! Happy anniversary--love you two. Mom

  7. It was so much fun visiting with you two in NYC on your anniversary. I'll always remember your anniversary because it's the same as Zoe's!!


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