June 15, 2009

i have room in my heart for two things...

Todd and Chocolate!

Ok ok, Todd's area is way bigger. . . promise.

So we went to the Willy Wonka's restaurant of chocolate,
called Max Brenner. It's got a very cool, ambience and 
the food is rich, delicious, and...chocolatey!

They also have these very cool chocolate shots things. 
Let's just say I've modified my birthday list.
*My mother has raised me well*


  1. That's like the 5th time you've been to Max's...

    SLOW DOWN, girl!

  2. to billy: pretty sure this was casey's first time... ?

    also to billy: i officially uninvite you to encouraging this little twig to lose weight.

    to casey (referring to the title and first line): and Carly, right??!!!

  3. I want to go there so much! That looks way yummy!


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