June 11, 2009

star findings.

I need to keep Chase and Syd in the back of my pocket
and become a paparazzi. 
Within 2 days we ran into two awards shows and movie filmings.

I assured Sydney this was not the NYC norm.

Rachel McAdams & Jeff Goldblum filming Morning Glory

Chase couldn't stop talking about how she winked at him.
He's in love.

Webby Awards
Syd and Jimmy Fallon (and Carly. haha!)
*Web Person of the Year"

Tony Awards


  1. how do i always miss this kind of stuff?? i've walked by radio city like six times in the last three days. what the heck?

  2. A star-studded night. I think Miss McAdams just winked at ME.

  3. hahahahahahahahahahahahah haha ahaha aha ahahah i am such a creeper!

  4. I love it! Casey your like the new Perez Hilton! Keep it up! Your my ticket out of the ghetto! Work it Work it!!!

  5. Wait, is that the infamous Carly from the Block?
    Dang girl, you be seeing all the famous celebs!!!


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