July 7, 2009

happy fourth.

This year, we had a 4th unlike any other 
b/c we were in NEW YORK...hello!

After waking up early we met our friends at Penn Station
and all rode the train over to Long Island to hit up Jones' Beach.
Other than a little wind, it was a beautiful day!

(Left) Attack of the seagulls. Run for cover!
(Right) Oh how happy they were before the burns set in.

In order to get "good" seats along the Hudson River, 
we got to our spot 1.5 hours early. I don't know what all the crazies
were doing standing up for that time but we plopped down!

This is just one of the 20 Aves filled (!!) with spectators

Waiting. waiting. waiting.

Todd, thanks for looking so hot and getting us 
2 free Pinkberrys from the male cashier.
*gotta be the V-neck...*
Happy Belated 4th!!

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