July 29, 2009

blue buck breakfast.

Todd and I took the 10 o'clock party bus to DC and
arrived in at about 3:30 am—a bit longer than expected...yikes!

After a few hours of shut-eye, we woke up and headed on over to the 
Eastern Market. A very charming fresh food market right in the heart of 
Capital Hill. In the middle of the market is a beautiful barn that's been 
up for over a century serving fresh blue buck pancakes and lemonade. 

It felt like we were back in NYC after waiting in line for 2 hours, but 
hey, if it's worth it, you do it!



  1. cool pictures! that looks like so much fun. mmmmm i want food now. flax seed and cinnamon will do.

  2. What a lovely breakfast!!!

    Anywho, besides the pleasantries, You need to be staying in NY and having fun. None of this traveling biz-nas.


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