July 21, 2009

love love LOVE!

So I don't usually use caps in my headers, except for special occasions,
and THIS is one of those special occasions.
Lugging groceries home is one of the biggest headaches of living
in the city. First of all, there are no grocery stores nearby and secondly,
once you do find a grocery store it's 7 blocks away and you don't even
want to think about lugging all your burdensome goodies home.

Until...drum roll please...

I've heard all about this little charm since the day I moved in,
but hadn't yet tested it out until this week. My biggest concern was
that it would have a limited selection and that there would be no
sale items. *i'm quite the bargain shopper*

But there was everything— Great prices, great sales, great selection,
and your own handy delivery man to lug it your 4 flights of stairs!

I highly highly recommend this to anyone! And there are so many
coupon codes online to get free delivery (only 5 bucks anyways)
or other goody deals. And, it saves your past purchases so you can
easily go back and buy them time and time again.

They know just how to hook ya and keep ya. Thank you!


  1. That's SOOOOO cool! I'm not doing it. Props for your smartness, though.

  2. I am sooo tempted to just go for it and order Fresh Direct. I'm lucky to have a grocery store around the corner, so it really isn't bad. I don't like shopping there though. This sounds like such a more pleasant experience!

  3. So good to have all those groceries and what a great service. But neither of you COOK!?


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