July 20, 2009

nyc restaurant week.

From July 12-31, foodies swarm the streets as NYC Restaurant Week is in full swing. It's just awesome! You can experience a three-course meal for $35 at some of the finest NYC restaurants that normally, we would never step foot in. After searching through all the menus I found this little gem, The Post House. We went with our friends Lauren and Hera, and had a delightful and delicious visit!

Some Jersey boy laughed and asked if we were tourists as I 
was taking this shot. I was proud to say no, but still felt like an idiot. 
But cute shot, right?

1 comment:

  1. YUM. This sounds incredible, and your food looks delish! I've heard Chicago has something like this, but I don't know when. Casey, you make New York City look enchanting.


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