August 2, 2009

brooklyn bridge.

We had a fun time walking the Brooklyn Bridge with Klane, Angie, 
and Carly on our way to delicious pizza at Grimaldi's

After walking the bridge, we had a few more hours(!) to stand
until we actually got to eat (2 to be exact)

Tired of standing

It's such a quirky restaurant run by a bunch of funny Italian men 
(mafia you might ask? quite possibly, but you didn't hear it from me)

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory afterwards

1 comment:

  1. I never get sick of Grimaldi's! Hope you are feeling better. Hey, random but I was looking at your washington dc pics and the friend you were with looks so familiar. I think you said his name was Ryan... ask him if he wore a red hat all freshman year and went to Australia(?) or somewhere like that on the mish. If so, I used to hang out with the dude freshman year. He looks a lot different so it's hard to tell if that's him. If it is, tell him hi and mention that I'm Brynn's friend. He'll remember. The guy was crazy... and funny. Anyway, this is a really long blog post. wow.


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