September 13, 2009

canoeing down the delaware.

Being a seminary teacher sure has had it's perks. Saturday morning, Todd and I met up with over 100 youth in the stake and rode two buses up to the Delaware Water Gap {located on the border of New Jersey and Pennsylvania}.

After launch, we rode for an hour and a half, stopped for lunch, then paddled for another hour. The weather was overcast and cool; perfect for a day of rowing. It's now the day after and I'm sure feeling the burn!

site of launch. isn't it just beautiful!?
big smiles for making it out dry!


  1. That's so awesome! It looks like so much fun, and so so pretty!! The youth in our class who went LOVED it. They couldn't stop talking about it. They were so funny because they don't know how to swim, so they were so scared the canoe was going to tip. Haha. I didn't realize you were seminary teachers, that's awesome!

  2. Is Todd the only one rowing in your vessell. Ahoy, matey! And a shiver ma timbers!! Looks like a ton o' fun.


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