September 22, 2009

happenings in the village.

Today was one of those days that really makes you smile, and maybe {just maybe} makes you happy that you're unemployed...maybe.

First: Woke up bright and early to meet friend Natalie in the Garment District and help hunt for trims and buttons. {oh to work in the fashion world}

Second: Might possibly have stopped at Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast with Natalie, and it might have been heavenly.

Third-Fifth: Spent the afternoon with beautiful Hera watching Ellen, reading through my Marie Claire library, and emailing into the dark abyss {aka ad agencies}

Sixth: Peeked into the window of the nearby dog shelter hoping there might be a cute puppy to bring home. Yet also hoping there wasn't, for the sake of my marriage. There wasn't. whew!

Seventh: Girls met at Cafe Habana for a delicious dinner starting with of course their Mexican-styled grilled corn.

Finally: Spent the rest of the night with my handsome husband. Cuddling was in order.


  1. I hate the third-fifth times of the day. Good luck!


  2. So today I was walking to work, and I envisioned myself walking in and giving my two weeks notice, and I was overcome with happy feelings. oh the joy I would get from quitting that job! (this is my tuesday job so I would just have tuesdays off if i quit.) I was sorely tempted. But I feel like I have to stick it out with this dumb job. Annnnyway, bringing back just one day a week of unemployment looks pretty tempting right now! Looks like a fun day!


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