November 22, 2009

ikea, i love you.

I mean really, there's nothing more exciting than a Saturday afternoon spent at Ikea. Todd may disagree, and I just might have to bribe him to come, but I sure do love it!

Hubs was my muscle man in bringing home these shelves, but I'm so mad because they're too big!! Now I'll have to lug them back myself and replace them with smaller ones...

{this, i do not love so much}


  1. oh my gosh I love you. I miss you both. I love ikea. It always gives me a headahce and I wish I could buy everything!

  2. CASSSSSEEEYYYY you seriously bought the wrong size??!?!?! ahahahha thats hilarious... and so frustrating!

  3. YAYY! I spent my saturday at ikea too, wish it were the NYC Ikea with you guys!


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