November 9, 2009

spice up your life.

Hubs has been working quite the hours these past few weeks,
so once Friday finally rolled around he decided to
play hooky from Scouts and take me out to a romantic dinner at Spice.

{quickly followed by a movie + cuddle sesh}
{what a hunk}


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous! I'm sorry Todd's been so busy lately, that's a huge bummer. Glad you got to have a romantic evening together. Soak up the time you have!

  2. ahh i love love loveee the hair!! it looks so vuluptious and full and SEXYYYYY!!!!!!

  3. You guys are so cute! I'm glad that you found our blog. I love NYC and I think you guys are so lucky to live there. We went to visit some friends out there last year and we loved it.


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