December 23, 2009

sittin' with santa.

Considering Christmas is closing in quickly, Carly and I thought it was about time to go see Santa at Macy's. We felt a little sheepish standing in line accompanied by no children, but the elves just kept reminding us we were "Big Kids".  And hey, I had as long of list to discuss with Santa as the next kid!
All month I'd heard horror stories about this line but was pleasantly surprised at how fast we got through it. The intricate and festive decorations helped in distracting us. It seriously had to have taken Macy's weeks and weeks to get the set-up they had! It was pretty amazing. Unfortunately, that was about the only amazing part of this rendezvous...
Overall, I would have to say the whole experience was a little....creepy? The elves were pretty disturbing, but I guess you have to take into account what kind of people take seasonal elf jobs...
 Also, Santa wasn't the jolliest of fellows. He just sat there in a sort of slump, telling us not to get too close because he was sick. We did manage to sneak in a quick peck though!


  1. yay! great post, bestie!!! Remember how one of the elves attacked todd, too? haha what a happy holiday activity!

  2. I found your blog from Carly's and now I blog stalk you. I love this post and I love the pictures. Super cute.

  3. That's so funny! He looks like the perfect Santa Claus, anyway! I wish I wouldve gone to see that.


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