January 24, 2010

dreaming big at the boat show.

 My adorable Hubs usually just goes along with my Saturday ritual of brunch and shopping, but
yesterday he had an agenda of his own. 

My mom once told me the first best day of your life is when you buy a boat and
the second best day is when you sell it.

Todd disagrees.

He loves wake-boarding and he loves his boats, so he was in pure bliss as we explored the newest
MasterCraft and Malibu models at the NYC Boat Show.

There were hundreds of boats to explore!
{my personal favorite being the 2B/2B yachts}

Once back home, Todd hit the computer researching different lakes we could live on someday.

How it's fun to dream!


  1. oh what a dream that i cant wait to come true!!!

  2. How fun!! I wish we wouldve gone, I love boat shows. For some reason it's so fun to walk around dreaming about things I can't afford. :) I miss you guys, I feel like we've all gone into hibernation mode this winter and haven't seen anyone.

  3. Doesn't sound like Todd has changed a whole lot...Wish I could have gone with you Todd. Miss ya.

  4. Brings back memories of the 2002 (?) boat show when our boat was on display!!!

  5. Once you get a boat, we have to make sure to remain friends. I've never had boating friends before. It's a special relationship, that's for sure.

    Get that boat, Todd! And then invite me over for a run on the lake. I dare you.


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