January 2, 2010

new years in time square.

Being the crazy family we are, we decided to ring in the New Year the best way possible...
 in Times Square.

Earlier that afternoon we scoped out the area, but after seeing the hoards of people already
lining up we agreed it'd be crazy to stay.

But at about 11:30 PM, we changed our minds and rushed up to Time Square.
With 5 minutes to spare, we hopped off the subway and found a great spot with the ball in view!

I'm definitely happy we did it, but honestly I think I'm more happy to be able to
cross it off my list and never do it again.

Happy 2010!


  1. Yea we DID it! What a great and memorable week we all had together. Woohoo!! Happy New Year!!!

  2. I saw your tweet and I was so curious to hear more about the craziness in Times square and what it was like to be there. That's awesome you didn't have to hang around al lday but still got to be there.


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