February 3, 2010

tim burton exhibit.

{a few personal drawings}
{all the actual faces used for jack the pumpkin king}
{look familiar? willy wonka}
every time we went to the moma to see the tim burton exhibit it was sold out, but we 
finally got lucky. and as you can imagine, there was a wide variety of people hoping to 
see it as well. it's amazing how talented this man has been, even at a young age, but he 
certainly lives in a world of his own. 

the exhibit was filled with his drawings and poems. and even a bunch of costumes and props from
batman, willy wonka, mars attack, and a nightmare before christmas. 

if you haven't gotten to see this exhibit yet, i would highly recommend it. 


  1. What a FREAK!!
    love you and miss you.. wish I could be closer:(

  2. I've been so curious to see that! It looks kind of creepy though, hmm. Glad to hear you enjoyed it!


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