February 9, 2010

an unhealthy addiction.

after visiting stand burger with the egans two weeks ago, i have developed
an unhealthy addiction for their roasted marshmallow shakes. i thought about them
all week and excitedly went back for more friday night.

these babies taste just like, you guessed it, perfectly 
roasted marshmallows. it's actually pretty incredible how exact they taste.

they were featured on foodtv’s, “the best thing i ever ate,”
and it truly is the best thing i ever ate!

now if only they were twice the size.

{my apologies for the low quality--my iphone was near at hand and the shakes were about to be devoured}


  1. Those look incredible. I am such a sucker for a good shake. Yum!

  2. yummy! I will have to try it soon. the best thing i ever ate was when you took us to that moos milk bar. They had these cookies that were the best thing I have ever tasted....

  3. mmm my mouth is wateringg!!! love the post, super cute:)

  4. Casey I saw those shakes featured on food network a while ago and I have been wanting to fly out to New York ever since to have one!!! They look amazing, have another one soon for me:)


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