March 23, 2010

spring goodies.

spring doesn't just bring brings sales. 
and lots of 'em!
i saw all these little gems at the steve madden sale on sunday.
hubs understood just how cute they were {and just where i hid them},
and went back today and got them for me!
isn't he a doll?


  1. Teach me how to shop! I am lousy at shopping, which is a shame when I live in New York City. Those are cute!

  2. P.S. LOVING all the pics you're taking with the new camera!

  3. you are so spoiled its just ridic!

  4. Casey--I've been thinking of having you pick up some shoes for me!! There are no cute shoes in Arizona and I know New York has em cause I watch What not to Wear. So I'll call you some time with what I have in mind!! :-) Joan


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