March 17, 2010

wednesday blah blahs.

happy hump day friends! the weekend is just 'round the bend.


great music. great spot.
*and to make the sock monkey...*

dwell studio bedding at target.

creative rings. i love the harmonic ring.

ikea invades parisian subways.
*next stop. nyc*

turn yourself into an avatar.

cute clock for a kiddies room.

anthro who?? this DIY candle is adorable.

--stay cool--


  1. Guess what? I totally look forward to these hump day posts. I am reading this at work and thinking, "Seriously? It's Wednesday? Thanks above."

  2. totally agree.. love the hump day posts!! they make my week! I gotta get on that candle making because i love the idea!! loves bunches


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