March 2, 2010

welcome spring.

march 1st is finally here! 

now, i'm just waiting for the warm weather to follow
shortly after. i feel like i've been a hermit all winter--not wanting to brave
the cold weather outside. such a bummer. 

once the warm weather hits, i'm really looking forward to sundays in the park, 
long walks around the city, and finally pulling my cute spring clothes out of hiding.

i love spring. 

and i welcome you with wide open arms!!

 {now please hurry. thank you.}


  1. How cute is that picture?! You guys are adorable. I'm sad we couldn't play this weekend! We will, though. The warm weather will help a LOT. Sundays in the park, anyone? :) Oh and I'm so excited for you and your new camera.

  2. Hey you two! Landry gave me your link so I could see the cute pictures of Stella (hope you don't mind). This is the funnest picture ever!

    I seriously can't wait for Spring to get here...

  3. YAYAYAYAY for Spring!!!!!!!!!!! We have not seen you guys in forever?? Perhaps we should get the egans and all hang out again, yes?

  4. Love that picture. You two are adorable! I can't wait for spring to come in all its glory! Yipee...just around the corner!

  5. Hil- I'm so happy you found my blog! And now I have a link to yours! Does the bike look familiar? It's your parents! haha

    MB- Yes, I definitely think a night out is in order. And if we happen to go to Katz again, I would not be opposed. :)

  6. I totally did recognize it.. and the field but I just didn't connect the dots! So fun.

  7. Spring is my favorite time of the year too! Oh I love it. But Colorado doesn't so much. It's more fickle than Utah!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog! I remember y'all from the good old.... errr, can't remember our ward number. 201? That might've been one of my single wards, actually. Well, you know what I mean.
    Your blog is so cute! You are very talented with photography and photoshop and artsy things. I now envy you. ~_^

  8. Casey, I'm so glad you found my blog! I've had fun looking through yours and catching up ;) I'm glad you're enjoying NY and having such a great time. I saw that you work for Publicis; my brother is doing an internship with them in Dallas right now, haha! Would you mind if I connected him with you, so he could talk to you about the job and any possibilities in NY? Thanks for the comment!

  9. Cute pic! This spring/summer will be bitchin'!


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