June 1, 2010

tribute in boston common.

Happy Memorial Day!

We've returned from our lovely weekend in Boston
and can't wait to share our adventures.

{flags located in the boston common as a memorial to all mass. soldiers}


  1. Ahh I miss it so much! It was so fun meeting up with you guys too. Klane and I said several times that we can't wait to go back and we want to visit often. We even talked about what kind of job opportunities there are in advertising in Boston. :) I love this picture of the flags you got. We tried to take some but none of them turned out this good! (Love that 50mm.) Can't wait to see more!

  2. It looks like you guys had such a great trip--i'd love to be able to go back there again sometime. Meanwhile, we are trying to get pictures together for Senior Night--actually Dad is doing that and I'm just ready to crawl into bed.

  3. The flag pics are really great. You have a great eye!


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