June 21, 2010

oh, friends!

 my adorable hubs gathered all our friends together in central park
today for an early celebration of my birthday. 

i don't know how we got so lucky to have such great friends,
but we did and i couldn't be 
more thankful for their friendship!

with a little bit of uno, bocce ball, soccer, 
and amy's cake going on, i'd say it was a pretty fantastic day!!


  1. You look absolutely gorgeous in that picture with that cake!! lovessss

  2. Looks like a perfect little birthday party in the park. And you look so happy. Happy Birthday.

  3. OOOOOOOh Amy's!!!!!! So good. So good. and so bad at the same time.

    Happy Birthday and YAY for June babies!

  4. It was so so much fun. We have to make Summer Sundays in the park happen a lot this year. It's so fun to hang out and talk and of course eat yummy food. :) It's so good to have you for a friend, you guys are always making things like this happen.

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (Tomorrow.)

  5. First of all Happy late Birthday. Second, I have just one question. Are you stylishly adorable all of the time?!

    Sure seems like it :)


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