September 9, 2010

chi town.

t and i just got back from an extra long weekend in chicago!

and we were busy busy with the following:

1) playing w/ family & 3 cute girls 
2) being dorky tourists on the architectural boat tour 
3) aquarium (!!) 
4) seeing our leo burnett friends 
5) drinking a lot of pop 
6) walking around town
7) resting my "broken" arm in a game of dr.
8) shopping the outlets (score!) 
9) coveting their metra system
10) trying to find the "busy" parts of chicago—i missed my busy city
11) two words: deep. dish.

more pics to come!


  1. oooh deep dish chicago pizza!! Did you go to Lou Malnati's? That's my favorite.

  2. I love youR hat. I have wanted one since last summer but I dont think I can pull it off. Of course you can pull off anything cute!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend.
    Love your pictures by the way.

  4. I always love your pictures! I can't wait to see more. Oh and deep dish pizza sounds amazing. YUM!


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