September 24, 2010

happy friday.

i cannot believe how fast friday came! 
so fast!
probably because my head was floating the whole week in all
the work i had to get done. being a workin' woman these last couple
weeks has been a little hectic. but i've come out alive. thank goodness. 

so weekend plans:
a) spend time with the hubs b) get a new dresser
c) lug the new dresser home d) relax from lugging the new dresser home
e) curse myself for not paying someone to lug my new dresser home
f) sleep

okay. so i don't have that much to do this weekend, but you can 
obviously tell what i don't want to do.

maybe we'll throw a movie into that mix. i've been wanting to see "easy A". 
call me a dork, but it looks really funny.


  1. I've heard that movie is really funny! I'm going to see it tonight. Hope it's good!

  2. If you need more weekend plans.... come to the Relief Society General Broadcast with us! Lincoln Square building, dinner provided at 6:00 om, broadcast at 8. It's gonna be fun! Most of our girlfriends should be there.

  3. Maybe you can add hangnign out with pat and I into the mix....

  4. obviously i saw the movie already. enjoyed.

  5. E 'vero! Penso che questo sia una buona idea.
    Assolutamente d'accordo con lei. Credo che questo sia un concetto molto diverso. Pienamente d'accordo con lei.

  6. Hi Casey, Mike and I are coming out to NYC and will be there Oct 3-6. We would love to see you both. Maybe Tuesday night? We'll call.


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