October 11, 2010

she loves you, yeah yeah yeah.

most definitely, the highlight of my weekend was getting to celebrate
john lennon's 70th birthday in the park with friends.
we had blankets, a cool breeze, levain's cookies, and a biography on the big screen.
it couldn't have been better!

i've always loved the beatles, but i have a new-found love for lennon.
so much, i just might name my first-born after him. 
watch me.


  1. First born eh...
    Have an announcement for us?

  2. Wow! so will is be John or Lennon? I like Lennon. Congrats!

  3. How did you know about this event? I had no clue and accidentally tried to stroll through Strawberry Fields Saturday afternoon. Not happening. But it was fun to stumble upon the hoards of people gathered with their guitars and other instruments singing his songs. Man, I love New York.

  4. I'll bet that was a real treat! So cool. I'm more of a McCartney guy myself, but that must have been awesome. I can't believe he's 70. Yikes!.

  5. i didnt know you had a blog and i love it. i'm addicted. i love this post! where in the world are you?!

  6. Tay/Lindsay - No announcements :) Just lovin' on the name Lennon.

    Ashley - Hi! So happy you found me. Congrats on your engagement!


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