November 17, 2010

a beautiful "i do".

grabbing a quick pic before the action goes down
when i heard todd's cousin was flying in town to surprise his girlfriend with a ring,
i of course jumped at the chance to document!

he at first planned to propose on the rockefeller ice rink,
but once that plan foiled,
we opted for the closest alternative—top of the rock.
{and in my opinion, the better option!}

a friend of the gf was aware of the plan
and coaxed her into paying the money to come up to the top,
where, little did she know, her future husband awaited.

he knelt. he proposed. she said yes. we cried. 

it was beautiful!!!


  1. what a small world. I mean I was there just on that trip but not there to see you guys. So sad. That is so COOL and awesome. Miss you.

  2. Oh how beautiful...
    Can anyone tell my bf to propose to me on top of the rock =)

  3. Eeny, I'm with you on that one! How lovely!!

  4. You guys were great to help Ben out and to be a part of that! Beautiful pictures!


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