December 13, 2010

what our weekend consisted of...

i'd never made a pie before. not even a cream pie. 
pathetic, i know. 

but considering it's the holidays and sweaters can cover
up any calorie overhaul, hubs and i decided to change that record. 

i'm not the biggest fan of apple pies, so we opted for a mixed berry.
{reminds me of sunday dinners back at grandma's}
we made the berry mixture from scratch as well as the crust.
impressive right? i wouldn't have been able to do it though if it weren't
for kelsey's essentials. she makes pie crust, well easy as pie. 

the only ice cream we had to eat with our fresh pie
was edy's peppermint. but no lie, it was delicious together!

holiday baking. yum!


  1. Impressive! Pie crust intimidates me. I also have never done pie. I should watch Kelsey's episode! She makes everything seem so easy!

  2. Well done! After reading your tweet, I was hoping you would post a picture of the finished product! Mixed berry is my favorite...Mmmmm.

  3. You are a domestic goddess! Congrats on your first pie, it's a beauty!

    Also congrats to me for finding your blog. Holla.

    P.S. I don't have a fun blog yet, but I'm in the process of creating. So get stoked for that.


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