January 18, 2011

roadtrip to harlem.

you often hear people getting stir crazy with island fever. well, i too happen to contract this illness every now and then while living on the crazy island of manhattan. so when i had the opportunity to purchase a zipcar membership last week, i jumped at the chance. instantly, i felt a surge of freedom overcome my mind as i thought of all the exotic places i could travel to in my new set of wheels - coscto, ikea, and jersey, to name a few. yesterday, hubs and i hopped into our new car, akuna, and took off to my top destination - TARGET. i kind of go crazy when i think about this place. i love it so much! in my first 3 months of my marriage, i visited target every. single. weekday. {and most weekends too for that matter}


  1. we LOVE zipcar. My favorite outings are to the woodbury outlet malls, a short 50 minutes away!

    also, we were at target/costco on saturday too. It was the day to go!

  2. I also LOVE target! actually went there last night :)

  3. i can attest for that.. I remember calling you and literally every time I talked to you, you were at target haha

  4. We bought a zipcar membership last week too! The island fever was too much! :)


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