February 13, 2011

happy birthday rockstar!!

{devo lives on}
{yoko ono & john lennon}
{one of the many roasts}
my dad was turning the big 5-OH, so the only 
way to celebrate such a year for such a man was in rockstar style!

since todd and i were already going to be in town, my mom and i thought
it would be fitting to secretly fly my siblings in for the big surprise.
and let me tell was ALL a big surprise
{or at least we like to think so— the american airlines woman just so happened
to tell my dad that a "ryan lucero" was on our flight when he called in 
to check our flight status. but that's for another story. thanks aa}

pops—i love you and am so thankful we could be in town to celebrate the big day! 
{and don't worry, despite your "seasoned" age, people still mistake you for my older brother}


  1. Love love love!! best weekend ever!

  2. Oh my gosh, your family has to be the coolest EVER! This party looks like it was amazing. And I cannot believe your dad is 50. Seriously he looks like, 35. You've got good genes, lucky you! :)

  3. I LOVE all the costumes! Your Devo costumes are hilarious. What a fun 50th bday bash!

  4. Best party EVER! And, yes... TOTAL surprise! What a treat to have my family and friends with my on Five-O. I love you guys!!


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