February 16, 2011

valentine's, photobooths, and friends.

hubs and i opted out of the typical valentine's date and
instead spent it with friends running in and out of photobooths.
The Smith
Otto's Shrunken Head

Lakeside Lounge

Vazac's Horseshoe

of course, leave it up to lindsay and her oozing creativity to yet again
came up with another brilliant plan: 

a photobooth crawl.

she spent the whole past week mapping out all the 
different bars & restaurants in the east village that had photobooths. 

we first met at the smith for dinner, which is quite delicious 
and which also, conveniently enough, has a photobooth. 
thus, where the crawl began. 

that booth was then followed by three others where we
kissed and ooo'd and aww'd at the camera in hopes of the wildest photos. 

it was such a fun night and i'm thankful for great friends
that make these sorts of things happen.
{because heaven knows i'm not creative enough to devise such ideas.}

for the whole story, pictures, and ideas for your own nyc photobooth crawl,
see lindsay's post {here!}


  1. This is so freaking adorable! I'm happy to hear you guys had such a fun Valentine's Day.

  2. Your pictures are so much better than ours!! We need practice. Let's do it again!

  3. You guys seem to have SO MUCH FUN!! I want to come and live with you!

  4. SUCH a fun idea. I want to go on one! Do you know that I have NEVER had my picture taken in a photobooth?! How sad is that?!

  5. Fun idea - I love photobooth pictures. I always squeeze into one when I see my besties. =)


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