March 13, 2011


now that todd and i are officially moving from the east village, we're trying to take advantage of all the great restaurants we have nearby. we've gotten into a horrible habit of just ordering in, so now that the weather is getting warmer, we're attempting to voyage out more often.  i'm going to miss this place dearly. it has so much life and vibrancy! that said... i do get pretty giddy thinking about our new apartment downtown!! 

so in our attempt to eat out more, todd and i decided to go to mikey's.  a burger joint in the LES. no matter how many times i go there, i'm always satisfied with their fresh and tasty food {and milk shakes!} after dinner, we decided to get reallll crazy and go dancing. until hubs led me to the dance floor, i had forgotten why i initially fell in love with him—he's got some killer dance moves! 

i love my life. i really do! and i am so excited for all the changes happening!


  1. an AVOCADO shake?? Is it delicious? I think I need to take a little trip downtown.

  2. Yes - a trip is definitely in order. And you need to call when you're near so I can meet you! :)

  3. Todd's dance moves!! haha new place have a spare bedroom??

  4. Absolutely. We have an under-the-stairs Harry Potter closet in our bedroom. Surely, you'll be comfy there... :)

    When are you coming to visit? Let's get a time on that calendar!

  5. Woah, you are crazy little "boogiers!"

    I definitely need to hit up Mike's soon. Those cheese fries look like pure artery-clogging deliciousness!

  6. Mmmm, looks yummy! I didn't know you were officially moving! Good call to take advantage of your neighborhood while you're there. Every time we're down there I think how lucky you guys are to live in such a great area. Can't wait to see your new place!


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