March 3, 2011

pj's and pillows.

i'm constantly looking for any excuse to have a sleepover with my girlfriends!

i just love jumping into pj's
{matching one's if you're like me & amanda},
eating junk,
chatting all night, 
and not having to worry about catching a train home.

i love it!

as soon as hubs and i move into our new apartment, 
i'm having a big fat sleepover.

any ladies up for switching places with todd?
{tell your hubs not to worry. he's a great cuddler!}


  1. I love sleepovers too! My husband thinks I'm so weird, but can you really expect a guy to get it?? :)

  2. I'm in!!! They can play video games all night at our place and sleep in our king size bed and pull out sofa, while the girls sleep at your place!!!


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