June 19, 2011

double the celebrations. double the fun.

today is quite the day for celebrating!
not only is it father's day
{love ya, pops}
but it's also my beautiful mom's birthday 
{love you too, momsie}

my parent's are some of the coolest people you'll ever come across.
i'm pretty sure they're the reason i had friends in highschool.

although, todd and i are not with you two now, 
we're doubling up on the celebrations in our home.

i'm so thankful for you two and for the example you continually 
set for me and my family. 

i only hope i'm as cool of a parent as you are!


  1. I just read this again and wanted to tell you booya! And I mean it. We both love you guys so much!! Coolest kids ever a parent ain't never had!

  2. Saweeeeeet! I love reading this blogity blog! LYG!!


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