July 13, 2011

subway stds.

 i always curse my phone when—
phone calls drop
a high-scoring game of bowling suddenly shut down
apps move to slow
...the list goes on....

but after having to personally retrieve it from the subway tracks after a near fatal flinging-onto-the tracks, i love it. 
i love love love my phone.

and i love it even more after i thought i heard it crunch as the subway went over it.
{natalie caught me in action as i swiftly moved on and off the tracks before i was crunched too}

dear crappy iphone, please don't leave me until i can replace you with a newer, hotter 
version of yourself in september!


  1. AHHH!!! I can't believe you jumped onto the tracks to get it! That is one of my fears...dropping something important and having to retrieve it. You are brave. I'm glad you and your phone didn't get crushed.

  2. STILL cannot believe this happened. you are a brave woman.


    I consider that rat-ridden train track area a black hole. When something goes down there, then it's gone. Forever, in this existence, anyway. Transported to another plane far away from here, the phone is happy,carefree, and has all the bars it wants.

    Congrats to you for going to those depths to get your phone back. You must really like talking to people.

  4. Oh my gosh!! That is so scary!! I don't know if I'd be brave enough to jump on the tracks. I'm glad you survived.

  5. WHATTT?????? You have major guts!! That takes true love.


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