August 24, 2011

babies on the brain.

{photo taken at week 12}
babies babies babies! that's all that's been on our minds in the matheny household as of late.

every morning before i get out of bed, i check all four of my baby apps to see how baby m has progressed over the last 8 hours. obsessive, i know, but i can't help myself. i'm becoming that parent. you know the type.

and let me just tell you about my latest obsession—the nursing mother's companion
a real thriller. honestly. had no idea about half that stuff in there. i can't stop reading {and looking at the pictures!}

here are a few other handy things i've found:


26 things no one warned you about being a parent.

i need this for newborn photos. need! {this one too}.

listen up pops.

lions, tigers, and babies! careful now.

since we're having a v-day baby, this is a must!

rainy day? martha stewart to the rescue.

40 sayings from your parents that you swore you'd never use (but do!)

coolest family photo ideas.


  1. That bunny outfit is to die for! So stinking adorable!!! I'm so excited for you and Todd. Babies are the best thing in the world.

  2. Casey, just got on your blog. So cute. Hope you're doing well. Love you.

  3. Congratulations! Hope you're doing well.


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