August 5, 2011

family {photos} are forever.

most people are all about shooting the perfect facebook photo or dreaming up the funniest blog post. with my dad, not so much. he's moved on to bigger things like the family christmas card. even if it's only january, he's scheming the next family photo. so of course when my entire family was together for the first time in two years, you know he was planning weeks in advance for the photo shoot. and since i have involuntarily become the family event planner, this task fell on my shoulders.

this is how it went down: we all get dolled up fighting for a mirror and the steamer, argue about the color scheme, run out last minute to buy the forgotten yet handy tripod, trudge to our destination, and then complain for the next two hours as the sun beats down on our cheesy smiles. as you may tell, i love family photos about as much as i love watching youtube boxing tutorials with the hubs. i think a few times my brother broke out into the "we are a happy family" song just to tick us off even more.

here are a few cherished memories of that blessed day:

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