September 22, 2011

looky looky who came to visit...

...only my bestie, carly!

we went went through our entire college major together,
and then moved to the big bad city to start our careers.

i never thought she'd leave me, until well... she did,
and i've missed her ever since.

even though we only had one quick day together,
it was as if she had never left.
don't you love how that happens with dear friends?

naturally, we got our eat on—breakfast followed by dessert—
and then were off to our couples' massage in chinatown! 

love ya girl & you better believe i miss you already!

1 comment:

  1. oh, honnneyyyy. that was presh. love you and miss you like woah! thanks for the fun day. say hi to the cantaloupe for me!!


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