September 26, 2011

our little mango.

at 19 weeks
  •  i have quite the ever-growing belly. unfortunately, it's still not cute, but oh so close. {at least that's what i keep telling myself}
  • we saw baby girl move for the first time! now my whole day and night is consumed looking at my belly and waiting for jabs. hubs is sure she's got a bright boxing future ahead of her.
  • i learned that my mini crib option is no longer an option. somebody/i didn't account for the baseboards—or heater–in the measurements. we're going to blame the shrinking pregnancy brain on the one. unfortunately cribs don't go any smaller than mini...
  • getting used to sleeping on my side is just painful, which in turn typically leads to me just laying there. for a long time.
  • i've got so many veins in my chest, breasts, and stomach that i look like i could transform into a super hero at any moment.
  • our pillow talk is consumed with who's features she's going to have and if she's going to be lucky enough not to look like i did as a baby.
  • i've started to waddle. not cause i'm big but because i'm a drama queen. there, i said it. oh, and i moan whenever i move.
  • my hair has never been better. long, silky, and smooth. unfortunately for me, the hair growth didn't stopped there.
  • i've never felt so connected to my little girl. i love it, and i love her!
today marks the start of week 20, and i'm eager to see what changes it'll bring!!


  1. Oh stop it... HURRY UP BABY GIRL!!!!

    aunt squid

  2. 1. You are adorably cute—belly and all!
    2. Your baby picture is one of my favorite things in the entire world.
    3. Love you and love baby girl!

  3. I love the baby bump fruit pictures. so cute!

  4. Such a cute idea!!! I am going to add it to my pintrest!!

  5. You are such a darling pregnant girl. And you're halfway there!!

  6. So cute. You crack me up. Darn those baseboards!


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