October 14, 2011

top 10 ways to {un}-occupy wall street.

it's been 4 weeks, and the protestors still haven't given up. almost daily there's some sort of parade 
down our street with people banging their drums, hollering, and just being obnoxious. 
not only are they loud, but it's really starting to stink down here!

when i told my dad about this, he came up with—

10 ways to get rid of the hippies from wall street:

{10} tell them trader joe's just opened in brooklyn 
{9} break out the disco music 
{8} fantastic sams 
{7} institute a no shoes, no shirts, no protest policy 
{6} legalize marijuana in new jersey 
{5} call in the missionaries to roam about and make small talk 
{4} set out soap dispensers 
{3} recruit newt to give a pep rally 
{2} tell them to go home or their parents are going to stop their allowance. 
and the {#1} way to get rid of the irritating hippies from wall street
...offer them a job!


any other clever ideas?


  1. This is hilarious Casey! Seriously, go away!!!

  2. Nice work Jim! This is hilarious. I was in NYC last weekend, and ran into someone who spend the day protesting. And he couldnt tell me any real reason why he participated. I think after my confused look and constant questions, he felt stupid for doing it.

  3. I think sending the missionaries out there is the funniest one.

  4. Hahaha this list was awesome!

    I liked something Johnny tweeted earlier today,

    "Occupy Wall Street!"
    "Hey isn't the iPhone 4S coming out today?"
    "Crap, you're right! Can you guys watch our stuff for a few hours?"



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