November 2, 2011

a spooktacular halloween.

at our halloween party this year, we had all sorts of characters arrive—

 a little garden gnome
mta workers accompanied by their M train
fred flintstone
a clown—which the kids were not too fond of
jelly bellies
and even the black-eyed peas
as for hubs and i? we dressed up as the hosts :) 

we enjoyed great food and even better company.
things got especially crazy once we brought out the envelope game
a get-to-know-you-a-little-too-much game that always seems
to make an appearance at our halloween parties. 

love you friends!


  1. We had such a good time! Thanks for hosting!!


  2. How fun are you, you little hostess?! Love all the costumes, people are so dang creative. And those cute little mummy hot dogs! Adorable! Looks like a fun night.

  3. Thanks for having us over. Had so much fun!! Probably should have taken Emma P away from the clown according to the last shot. Thanks Drew.

  4. These are hillarious. For the record, I meant nothing nasty by that last pic. Seriously. What a terrible shot of me. Thanks for having us over.

  5. What a fun night! Thanks for having us over and getting some great pictures. LOVE the last picture!
    Lets do it again soon! xoxo


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