December 30, 2011

baby shower.

my sweet texas friends & family threw baby m a shower last week. of course everything was adorable and above and beyond what is should have been considering it was the week of christmas!

the theme of the shower was "casey is ready to pop!" which included a whole spread of "pop" and "fizzle" foods and drinks. quite clever and very appropriate {although i think my face is getting bigger than my belly these days!!}

it was so thoughtful of everyone to think of me and baby girl at such a busy time. we were definitely spoiled, and i couldn't be more thankful for everyone who came to celebrate!


  1. so cute! you look great. looking forward to the 14th. just rsvp'ed

  2. You look amazing! I love rubbing your belly too! I'm excited for the 14th too!

  3. Casey you look beautiful! Once month! Couldn't be more excited for you!


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