December 11, 2011

blueberry, pumpkin, and oreo.

this weekend was cold cold cold
so we did a lot of eating to keep ourselves busy.
no surprise there, but i'm just thankful i have a big coat—and belly—
to hide it.

after hearing many good things about eileen's special cheesecake in soho,
we gave 'er a go and were not disappointed. 
it was so good in fact, 
we got one for todd, one for me, and one for baby. 


  1. So fun! Those are probably my favorite!!

  2. That's right.. teach harper how to eat from the very beginning!

  3. I've been meaning to get there! One of these days... maybe when i have a baby to blame on eating an extra piece. ;) And I didn't know you had the name picked out already. Harper is such a cute name!


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