January 23, 2012

getting creative.

i just hit 37 weeks, with not much by way of maternity clothes. as a matter of fact, the only maternity clothes i've bought are three pairs of jeans. now that it's mid winter, i'm learning to be very creative with the layering of the clothes i currently have. well either that, or i just throw on some leggings, an over-sized sweater, and any boots that still fit my swollen feet, and call it a day. 

if i hit my due date {feb 13} i've only got 3 weeks left. 3 weeks! can you believe that? nesting has gone into full-force as we highly anticipate the early arrival of baby m. most things that i'm crossing off my list these days aren't too interesting but all important in my eyes. hubs thinks i'm crazy as i fold and re-fold baby girl's clothes, sorting them into different piles and placing them into new locations each week. to be honest, i think they might call that going stir crazy versus nesting. but whatever it is, i'm ready! come on girlfriend! 


  1. WE AGREE!! Get moving baby! EP wants to play!!!

  2. she will be here so soon! love your maternity layering! :)

  3. You are so close!! I remember going crazy and just wanting Eleni to come-and then when she did I wanted her to go back in for a week so I could get some sleep! haha. Can't wait to check back and hopefully see baby pics soon:)


  4. you do what you gotta do, right?!!

    you look awesome! I am so excited for you guys:)I can't believe you are almost there. That went by so least for me:)


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