February 18, 2012

my girl.

{harper, just seconds old}
these last five days have been the most rewarding of my life. i never knew i could love a child as much as i do until i found harper lu. she has been the best baby we could have ever asked for—she's mild natured, happy, and content. and although the doctor says this might change in a few weeks, we like to believe she got her daddy's temperament and will stay this way forever. 

harper loves feeding time and works it with ease, which i greatly appreciate! while she sleeps around 20 hours a day, the other 4 are occupied with cooing, crooked smiles, and cross-eyed gazes. my parents are in town, and it's amazing what a trance a little baby can put four grown adults in to. we absolutely adore our little harper lu!


  1. You look beautiful! And 20 hours a day? I don't know how long newborns usually sleep, but baby girl sounds like a dream :)

  2. What a beautiful photo. New-parenthood sounds like bliss so far! I'm happy for you!


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