February 10, 2012

twiddling my thumbs.

baby girl,

you are due any day now {3 to be exact}, and the anticipation is killing me! i've finally come to grips with the likelihood that you're not coming early and have now decided that i would like you to come on valentine's day. {because clearly, we get to choose the exact day our children arrive.} but if you do, you'll be our little love child and everything will be perfect!

from last week to this week there hasn't been much activity down there if you know what I mean, despite my lunging and nightly dance parties with your father—our top dance pick being "i'm sexy and i know it". a true classic of my day. check it out.

you're active as ever and growing bigger by the hour. the doctor estimated you are currently 8-9 lbs, and she's not shy about reminding me that you're a "big baby". she dared suggest I go off sugar and carbs, but little does she know that those are my two favorite food groups and the only two that are going to get me through the rest of this pregnancy!

I love you baby girl, and i will be twiddling my thumbs until you arrive. 

your ever-growing mother


  1. Good luck with everything. You will be perfect parents!

  2. this is so sweet! you have to print this out for her baby book someday. I hope she has a vday birthday too! that would be so fun. either way she is still a valentine baby! :) best of luck this next week!


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