March 20, 2012

newborn photos.

i went back and forth as to whether i should have newborn photos taken, but once i finally came to my senses, i did and am so very happy to share them with you! 

falycia was kind to take a last-minute photo shoot of harper, and she did an incredible job. i have no other way to describe her except as a true baby whisperer. although harper was out of that sleepy newborn stage during the shoot, falycia knew exactly what to do to get her to sleep and keep her asleep. i need to hire that girl during nap time!! i am so thrilled with how these photos came out and will cherish them forever. i sure love my little baby. and as a side note, can we just talk about her bellybutton!? kills me. 


  1. oh my cuteness. these are killing me. so adorable. The first one is my fav and harper'S bellybutton sure is cute.
    She looks so much older in that last one by the way.

  2. i love these so much! love falycia too!

  3. casey!! that last photo is precious. WHAT a cutie!

  4. Oh my gosh, how perfect are these?!?! I'm so glad you did them!

  5. casey! She is absolutely beautiful!! I love her and I haven't even met her yet! I wish I could hold her and be her #1 fav babysitter! xoxo


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