April 24, 2012

2 months.

i can hardly believe harper is two months and counting! she continues to grow more daily. 
i feel like every picture i take of her she looks older than the last. stop growing, girl!! 


:: harps weighed 11 pounds 6 ounces and measured 24 inches at her 2 month appointment. she is a big, healthy and long girl!

:: she has been spending a lot of time on her left side in hopes of finally making the big roll onto her belly. she just. can't. quite. master it yet.

:: her hair is still growing long, and i am constantly resisting the urge to cut it. she has this peacock-thing going on in the back that will not settle to even the strongest of gel. 

:: harper is going to grow up confused about her real name. our sitter, flor, calls her 'tracey little' because she can't pronounce harper and apparently she thinks my name is tracey. nevertheless, harper and i love flor, and flor LOVES harper!

:: as you might have seen here, she has turned into one big chatterbox. i just love to sit and talk with her all day!

:: a tourist stopped todd and harper on the street this weekend to take a picture of her. i'm not sure whether i should be flattered or scanning the internet to filter images of my child. 

:: harper is almost consistently sleeping from 7pm to 9:45am with one nightly feeding. need i say more?


harper is a happy, little joy in our lives and we love her to pieces. next week, we'll be taking our first trip on an airplane and i'm praying that we'e not "that" couple with the crying baby. luckily, she hasn't discovered how loud her cry can get and i hope she doesn't anytime soon!


  1. I'm so busy looking at your pics on instagram, I forgot about your blog!!Big mistake! Thanks for all the updates on Harper and y'all. She's too cute for words!

  2. She is the cutest thing! Oh tracey little, i love ya!

  3. That picture! She's perfect. Ah! I need a baby. But I think mine will be a letdown after Harper set the bar so high on cuteness. No way is my baby going to have hair like that. ;)

    I also should let you know, I use you as an example all the time when people talk about sleep training. I totally want to follow your example when I have a baby and hopefully I'll end up with a great sleeper like Harps!

    You basically rock and you make motherhood look so joyful and effortless. You're awesome!


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